Jaye Ho - Fine Artist


Dazzleship NN201, fishing boat painted in dazzleship camouflage, 2017

Kraftwerk, oil on plywood, 2017

Listening Walls Denge, oil, gesso and spray paint on plywood, 2016


The Apiarists, used for eMMplekz 'Rook to TN34', oil and varnish on plywood, 2015

Like Dazzle ships that pass in the night, spray painted hard board and shingle, exhibited at The SPACE St Leonards on Sea, 2015

Parramatta parking lot, photograph of a mixed media model, 2009, used for the band eMMplekz 'Your Crate Has Changed' LP

In dedication to the little ships of Dunkirk, flag made from charity shop bedsheets and flown in Bexhill, 2014

Bunker death - Giant's causeway, oil on board, 2010, used for the band eMMplekz 'Izod Days' LP

Bunker Death - Pill Box, oil on board, 2009

Memorial for an unseen presence, sand and cement, bedsheets, pillowcase sandbags, wood and graphite powder, The SPACE St Leonards on Sea, 2012

The Nesst, used to project the film MisinforMation by Mordant Music, sand and cement, bedsheets, pillowcase sandbags, graphite powder and wood, Unsound Festival Krakow, 2010

Rawsac 2, animation, 2012

www.westernsydneybunkers.webs.com, Parramatta Artist Studios, Sydney, 2009

Listening wall, Sydney, sand and cement, Parramatta Artist Studios, Sydney, 2009

Collaboration 1, with Lu Clarke, speakers, dust, contact microphones, 2006

On the Couch, hand drawn animation, 2004